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The shipbuilding industry

The shipbuilding industry deals with the production of larger (mainly seagoing) vessels intended for the merchant fleet (cargo or passenger transport), the off-shore energy industry or military purposes. It also includes products and services supplied for the building, conversion, and maintenance of these ships.

handle everything from design to delivery at once.

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why you should choose us

Since we have our own production system, we can do everything from design to development, production, delivery and after-sales service.

custom design and manufacture

design and manufacture to meet any specifications required by the customer, and order production method

Continuous Research & Development

More compact compared to other companies through continuous R&D (can be installed on 1-ton ships)

Quick Customer Service

Fast post-sales response possible due to in-house production, manufactured in a form that is easy to maintain

Reasonable Price & value Competitiveness

High price competitiveness compared to other companies

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